Electromagnetic Mop Videos


Published on Dec 12, 2014
"Oil spills are an unavoidable part of our future on this planet. Until we no longer have to rely on the messy stuff, we will still have to pump oil and ship it around the world, and drilling and shipping inevitably means spills.

In this season of Upgrade, we head out to Fermilab, the nation's premier particle physics laboratory, to talk to Arden Warner. Warner, whose day job as a physicist consists of colliding high speed particles together, thought of a unique way to clean up oil spills—using magnets."

Electromagnetic Mop Demos

Below are a set of simple salt water demonstrations that illustrate techniques for manipulating oil as well as cleaning surfaces and wildlife in response to an oil spill. A brief explanation of this concept is found on the adjoining documentation page.

1) Electromagnetic Mop

1) This simple experiment illustrates the ability to manipulate oil on the surface of water with an applied magnetic field when magnetite particles are introduced. the particles can also be magnetically separated.

1a) High Resolution emop

2) Magnetic Vacuum

3) Electromagnetic Mop 2

4) Surface Sweeping

5) Picking up oil after sweeping

6) Electromagnetic Shovel

7) 24 to 48 Hour Suspensions

8) Pulling half the slick